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  • 執筆者の写真Dave Talsma


こんにちは〜 仙台のプライベートな英会話講師&翻訳者デイブです。 今日の話題は:All English Happy New Year everybody. I thought I’d write one of these all English updates around the beginning of the new year to talk about New Year’s resolutions in general and what mine are. Do you have a resolution this year? Do you usually have a resolution? In the past I rarely made New Year’s resolutions and, to be honest, felt that they were mostly unnecessary. I always felt that you should live your life so that you don’t need to make challenges on January 1st. You should always try to achieve your goals and be honest with yourself. However, in recent years, especially since I started teaching privately, I find that setting a New Year’s resolution allows you to maintain a long term goal and stay aware of what you need to do to achieve your goal. There is also a sense of guilt when you don’t achieve your goal. And guilt is good for staying balanced. My resolution last year was to make this website, which I did, by myself. I achieved my goal and it has really benefited my career as a private English teacher. So I guess that my goal this year is to further grow my website and student base. It’s not a very big goal but there isn’t much else that I think I want to achieve by myself. In terms of things I want this year, I want a Honda Zoomer and a full-back tattoo. But those aren’t resolutions... What do you want to achieve this year? Do you always make resolutions? Do you think resolutions are dumb? 今年もよろしくお願いします。 





こんにちは〜 仙台のプライベートな英会話講師&翻訳者デイブです。 今日の話題は:One-point English 今日は「懐かしい〜」について話したいと思います。辞書で「懐かしい」を調べると「nostalgic」という言葉が出てきます。意味が合っていますが「nostalgic」だけ全然言いません。「懐かしい」って英語で言いたいであればいくつかの表現があります。 1. That remind

The book

久しぶり〜 仙台のプライベートな英会話講師&翻訳者デイブです。 今日の話題は: Idioms 今日は一つのイディオムについて話したいと思います。 「by the book」 「by the book」は使い方によって意味が微妙に変わります。第1の使い方はやり方に関して使います。「do it by the book」って言うと「マニュアル・レシピ・従来のやり方通りにやる」という意味になります


こんにちは〜 仙台のプライベートな英会話講師&翻訳者デイブです。 今日の話題は: One-point English 皆さんは「crush」と聞くとどういう意味だと思いますか?辞書で調べてみると「潰す」などが出てきますが、一番多い使い方は意味が全然違います。よく名詞として使われています。こういう風に: I have a crush. この文章は「私は好きな人がいる」という意味です。わかりに

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