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  • 執筆者の写真Dave Talsma


こんにちは〜 仙台のプライベート英会話講師&翻訳者デイブです。 今日の話題は: All English Hi! It's been about a week or two since I wrote a blog update in only English. Today I'd like to talk about something very special to me that many people, mostly in Japan, don't understand. Tattoos As many of you know, I have a lot of tattoos. I have tattoos on my arms, legs, and chest. Not only that, I plan to get more tattoos in the future. I love tattoos and I consider myself a collector of tattoos. So, I think many of you have questions about my tattoos but might not want to ask them due to shyness or embarrassment so I'll try to answer some general questions. 「Why?」 I started getting tattoos when I was 18. It's illegal in America to get tattoos before 18 and I got them as soon as it was legal for me. I have always been interested in art, illustration, and design. Tattoos are a way for me to express my love of art and illustration while also expressing my individuality. 「What are your tattoos?」 I have a lot of stupid tattoos. I have a tattoo of a hotdog, a bowl of ramen, a gameboy, a pineapple, various video game characters, among other things. I choose my tattoos based on things I like or designs that I think look cool. For the most part, I don't want to have tattoos that are the same as other people. 「Where did you get your tattoos?」 I have been tattooed in both Japan and America. Many of my good friends are tattoo artists, both here in Japan and back home. Some of my tattoos I did myself, back when I was studying to become a tattoo artist. 「How does it feel?」 It hurts a lot. It feels like a slow, deep, cat scratch. 「Do you regret any tattoos?」 No. They are all connected to a time in my life and they are connected to many good memories. Some designs aren't as attractive to me as they used to be, but when I feel like that, I just want to get more tattoos with cooler designs. 「What do you want next?」 I want to start a giant back tattoo! Japanese style! That's about all for now. If you want to know any more about my tattoos, please ask me! I'm not shy about them and I'll show you them if you ask! That's it!





こんにちは〜 仙台のプライベートな英会話講師&翻訳者デイブです。 今日の話題は:One-point English 今日は「懐かしい〜」について話したいと思います。辞書で「懐かしい」を調べると「nostalgic」という言葉が出てきます。意味が合っていますが「nostalgic」だけ全然言いません。「懐かしい」って英語で言いたいであればいくつかの表現があります。 1. That remind

The book

久しぶり〜 仙台のプライベートな英会話講師&翻訳者デイブです。 今日の話題は: Idioms 今日は一つのイディオムについて話したいと思います。 「by the book」 「by the book」は使い方によって意味が微妙に変わります。第1の使い方はやり方に関して使います。「do it by the book」って言うと「マニュアル・レシピ・従来のやり方通りにやる」という意味になります


こんにちは〜 仙台のプライベートな英会話講師&翻訳者デイブです。 今日の話題は: One-point English 皆さんは「crush」と聞くとどういう意味だと思いますか?辞書で調べてみると「潰す」などが出てきますが、一番多い使い方は意味が全然違います。よく名詞として使われています。こういう風に: I have a crush. この文章は「私は好きな人がいる」という意味です。わかりに

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