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Video Games

こんにちは〜 仙台のプライベート英会話講師&翻訳者デイブです。 今日の話題は: All English 今日からたまに上級者向けの英語だけのブログを書きたいと思います。日本語の説明は追加しないのでわからない言葉や表現の意味を自分で調べなければなりません。 Hey. This is my first all-English blog update so I thought I'd talk a little about one of my favorite things: video games. As many of you know, I love video games. I have loved them since I was a child and I will continue to enjoy them, hopefully with my son when he's older. There are a lot of people that feel that games are fairly childish. But games as an entertainment medium have evolved drastically since I was a child. These days, there are so many various kinds of games that there is certainly something that appeals to almost anyone. A lot of people think that games are a waste of time, but I think that they can be quite beneficial. For one, games are problem solving challenges. Any game is basically about having to use your brain and solve a problem that has been presented to you. This is good for your critical thinking ability. Games also keep your mind much more active than TV or movies. TV and movies are passive. Video games are active. Secondly, games are a great way to study language. Playing games in Japanese forces me to study and look up new words because if I can't understand the words on the screen, I can't progress through the game. I absolutely feel that children should have limits on the amount of time they can play games. Games are distracting and can have a negative effect on a child's ability to study, but so can TV, movies, and YouTube. Children need their parents to set limits about gameplay time and game content. Games are here to stay and I'm excited to see how they evolve in the future. Nintendo for life! 





こんにちは〜 仙台のプライベートな英会話講師&翻訳者デイブです。 今日の話題は:One-point English 今日は「懐かしい〜」について話したいと思います。辞書で「懐かしい」を調べると「nostalgic」という言葉が出てきます。意味が合っていますが「nostalgic」だけ全然言いません。「懐かしい」って英語で言いたいであればいくつかの表現があります。 1. That remind

The book

久しぶり〜 仙台のプライベートな英会話講師&翻訳者デイブです。 今日の話題は: Idioms 今日は一つのイディオムについて話したいと思います。 「by the book」 「by the book」は使い方によって意味が微妙に変わります。第1の使い方はやり方に関して使います。「do it by the book」って言うと「マニュアル・レシピ・従来のやり方通りにやる」という意味になります


こんにちは〜 仙台のプライベートな英会話講師&翻訳者デイブです。 今日の話題は: One-point English 皆さんは「crush」と聞くとどういう意味だと思いますか?辞書で調べてみると「潰す」などが出てきますが、一番多い使い方は意味が全然違います。よく名詞として使われています。こういう風に: I have a crush. この文章は「私は好きな人がいる」という意味です。わかりに

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