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October 7, 2017


今日の話題は:All English

Good evening! It's been a while since I've written an All English blog so I thought I'd write one.

Anyway, tonight I think I'd like to talk about my biggest pet peeve. Does everyone know what a "pet peeve" is? It's something that really annoys you. Generally, it's something that other people do that makes you angry or irritated. For example, some people hate when others talk on the phone while riding the train. Others hate when people smoke near them at a bar or restaurant. For me, my number one pet peeve is people who aren't looking straight ahead as they walk.

When I see someone walking with their head down, or staring at their cellphone, I can feel my anger build within me. It's so inconsiderate. Other people shouldn't be responsible for your safety while you're walking. You should look forward and pay attention.

When I see people who are not paying attention while they're walking I refuse to walk around them and deliberately run into them. I want them to be aware that walking and not looking ahead is dangerous and stupid.

What's your pet peeve? Do you also hate it when people don't watch out for others while they walk?

That's it! 

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