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October 6, 2017


今日の話題は: Idioms


「in a nutshell」


例えば:In a nutshell, Romeo and Juliet is about two lovers that commit suicide.


「in a nutshell」は話しをまとめる時に言います。それで上の例文は「話しをまとめると、ロメオとジュリエットは自殺をする恋人二人の話し。」という意味です。このイディオムになんでナッツが入っているかわからないですけど、普通に使われています。似ている日本語の表現はおそらく「要するに」又は「つまり」だと思っています。


A: I've been unhappy for a long time. I met someone else. I don't love you anymore and to be honest I can't waste my life with you.
B: So... in a nutshell, you want a divorce?

C: What did the boss say? I fell asleep in the meeting.
D: He said, in a nutshell, that anybody who sleeps in the morning meetings will be fired.
C: ...what? Really?!

E: I love Japanese food and culture. I think Japan is a fantastic country. Japanese people are very kind and polite.
F: So, in a nutshell, you want to live here forever?

That's it! 


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