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June 14, 2017




今日の話題は:One-point English


おととい「I bet...」について話しました。「I bet...」は自信がいっぱいの「I think...」で、今日は「I bet...」の反対の表現について話したいです。「I bet...」の反対は上のタイトルの「I doubt...」と言う表現なんです。「I doubt...」は「I don't think...」の強いバージョンです。ニュアンスは「絶対〜しないと思う」に近いです。「Doubt」は元々「疑う」という意味です。


次、「He'll be late.」(彼は遅刻する)という文章で比べましょう:




I bet he'll be late


I think he'll be late


I don't think he'll be late.


I doubt he'll be late.






A: I doubt it will rain. Let's have a picnic.

B: Are you crazy? It's January!


C: I doubt you'll pass your interview. You should start looking for another job.

D: That's not a nice thing to say.


E: Do you think she remembers my name?

F: I doubt it.


Give it a try!


That's it!




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